Mining Ore-naments

An avid in-game miner, Paul has often sought after the hard-to-find Khorium and Titanium ores. Now he is bringing it to you in this gorgeous Holiday ornament. Made with real Swarovski® crystals, and sporting his take on the WoW® logo, these ornaments will delight any WoW® enthusiast. Measuring a demure 2” x 3 1/4”, it can even make for great office tchotchke!

Available as a single ore-nament or in sets.
Burning Crusade Khorium Ore-nament
BC Ore-nament Trifecta (Khorium, Fel Iron and Adamantite)
Lich King Titanium Ore-anment.
LK Ore-nament Trifecta (Titanium, Saronite and Cobalt)